The Circles Mod Revival band 79



Private World 1980

Private World was recorded live at Norbrek Castle in 1980 but not released until 1999 on Detour Records.

Looking Back 2000

Looking Back was released in 2000 on Detour Records following The Circles appearance at the Mods Mayday reunion gig at The Forum in London.
The album contains new tracks and selected reworked tracks from Private World

HThe Circles Live at The Shed 1999? (Video Click here)


Opening Up 1979

Opening Up was the debut single from the band on Graduate Records in 1979 complete with 'Billy' on the B' Side.

Opening Up 1979 
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Angry Voices 1980


Angry Voices released on the Vertigo label complete with Summer Nights on the B'Side.

Angry Voices 1980 (Click here)

Summer Nights 1980
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Circles 1985

Released by Graduate in 1985 complete with Summer Nights on the B' Side.

Circles 1985
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